Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fashion Month Fall/Winter 2010 Highlights

Well hello internets. How are you doing? Fine without me? Of course you are. I haven't been here recently due to some.. lazyness? Live updates and posting was going so smoothly at the beginning of fashion month but I was just left behind after New York and Milan and couldn't reach London and Paris, like some remora who couldn't suck hard enough to its shark's belly. I guess missing Miu Miu's livestream didn't help either. As disencouraging as that might be, here are some completely random highlights with no chronological/any kind of order whatsoever. Such as

The Balenciaga shoes. Made me think of the elaborately random architecture found in some buildings here. Furthermore, the Balenciaga eyebrows

And behold, the Balenciaga vest
Chanel brought its recurrent fashion-weather incongruence of furry ski boots and bare legs(besides the 265 ton glacier which we don't talk about)
And so did D&G
The Miu Miu shoes below
at first looked to me like some Carrie-Bradshaw-shoe-fetish cliché but then I understood their classy shape feeling and now my thoughts went to Versus:
designed by Donatella Versace and Christopher Kane. Very origami-like and short but classy which is very hard to see, and speaking of Christopher Kane, below
He's known for making amazing collections with elements that are not usually related to high couture and this time was no exception with a knitted-flower-on-leather concept in which the flowers alone were actually not that pretty but somehow worked on a whole new level here.
Anyway.. I enjoyed Viktor & Rolf's performance in which they sent model Kristen MecNamy with a pile of coats on and then took them off from her and put them on the other models.
Besides they booked my recent Puerto Rican supermodel obsession Rose Cordero (bottom right). Watch the Viktor & Rolf show here. And now all the blackness brings me to Giorgio Armani's glamorous berets
And as the blackness goes on, reminiscences of Hermès come to me in the form of Lily Cole looking very 1800's and equestrian
And also black was what the army of bare-legged models wore at Dolce & Gabbana
On the other hand, Versace was extremely colorful and electric
and it's also intriguing how clothes look different depending on who the photographer is, this was taken at the Versace rehearsal by Tommy Ton a.k.a. Jak&Jil blog... it has a glossy misterious atmosphere not seen at the runway. Speaking of glossy, Hussein Chalayan
I also missed Hussein Chalayan's livestream because I didn't believed this crappy photo collage but then it turned out to be true and then it was all black and I woke up without a soul. I like the nebulose thing and of course Rose Cordero (left). Louis Vuitton was a circular fountain around which the models walked in very lady-like dresses and waist-high skirts and model Coco Rocha is just so refreshing to see through the water beams so she'll be the star with the purple dress in the LV photos.
As the bareness seems to end, Etro always works for me.
By "works" I mean a wide variety of prints and fabrics very well toned by a carefully chosen color palette. Besides being able to actually know how to pull velvet.
And last but absolutely not least, in fact FIRST, Alexander McQueen
The craftmanship.. I must admit I got teary when I saw these photos in HD and got delighted/sad for knowing this won't happen again. It's so royalty like that I could almost see Cate Blanchett or Tilda Swinton wearing one of these, as suggested by the Red Fashion Carpet Awards blog.

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