Friday, July 22, 2011


I find 'come back' posts so annoying to be honest. Unless you're Gemma Ward or some pop artist who faded into oblivion then you're not 'coming back' because that would require people, TMZ and tFS to pray and queef and speculate about your glorious return. Which isn't my case at least, though I'd have to double-check tFS in case someone started a thread for me now with guys like Jeremy Dante or Bertrand Vergnes and all those emaciated middle-eastern European models getting threads started everyday. I swear, you kill one and two more grow.

So, earlier this year I enrolled in a workshop and became a correspondent for one of the biggest resistance radios in Honduras. Basically they get a free journalist and I get a free space to denounce shit that happens in my community. The inductive weekend took place in a convent. As in I slept next to a fucking chapel. For real, I needed to charge my cellphone at night so I went next door looking for a plug and when I turned on the lights I saw this
A fucking chapel

Also I've been a regular guest at my friend Oscar's radio show Ergo Sum, recorded at the Culture Center of Spain in Tegucigalpa's medialab. Last time we spoke about the canons of beauty and I mumbled some unintelligible crap about phi and Kant and the renaissance but then I invoked the forces at fashin and it all made sense.

Then last month I made some on-field activism as organizer/translator for an international delegation of human rights observers orchestrated by Rights Action and Alliance for Global Justice. We went to land occupations and agricultural cooperatives to witness the campesino struggles and ongoing violence, torturing and assassinations from Honduran land owners, mining conglomerates and tourism companies. Simply one of the most shocking, real life-changing experiences I've had. We visited a rural community that had been destroyed nine days before, a job carried out by the guy who illegally claimed the land as his property through his private security guards and the police. They burnt the houses, the animals, the crops, everything. They brought a bulldozer and demolished the school and the church. I myself sat on the church's ruins, and as much as I claim to be an atheist, it was the hardest part of everything. I thought "This was a temple. This is where their god lived. They killed their god." And then I remember this quote Michelle showed me once

What's next is yet to be known. Mysteriousness aside, I got into this online activism workshop to be held in Guatemala by Hivos/Digital Natives with a Cause and they're flying me there sometime in mid August. Then there's another delegation coming.

Anyway I'm halfway on menswear Spring 2012. If my calculations are correct, it'll take me about a month and a half to catch up with fashion, just in time for Spring! ("!"... why hasn't anyone invented a punctuation mark for sarcasm?)

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