Sunday, July 24, 2011

Etro SS 2012

Lately I've had what I like referring to as "late night writing parties".
It's been years trying to write formally but I never really felt it was good enough. I always got these boosts to write short stories after reading people like Saramago or David Sedaris, which kept words flowing for some weeks until fuel ran out and I was left feeling gimmicky and unworthy. Then my friend Oscar suggested that maybe real life interesting enough as to write about it, that I should give it a try. So I did.
The only issue is there's not much I can show to people who know me, which isn't really a problem at all. It can be one of those posthumous pieces, kind of a Sylvia Plath suicidal thing. I just re-read The Bell Jar, the one you can see in the first jpg. I'm currently readin William T. Vollman's Poor People. Next is Murakami because I'm a hipster like that.

Totally unrelated, the Etro menswear Spring 2012 show was held in Milan last June 20th. The venue was awesome. A background was made with these huge curtains that had silhouettes of beach elements projected on them, a spiral-shaped sandy runway allowed front-row sittings for many and the lightning was soothing.
The only bump was the soundtrack. Live piano, cool idea, etc. but what came out sounded like a mix of elevator and mall music. Anyways, I love paisley. My personal favorite piece of clothing is this oversized blue paisley shirt I wear only at special occasions
Therefore I love Etro, I believe all those prints really make sense when put together. This collection had something else to it though. Maybe it was the Mediterranean chill vibes or something but the 54 looks felt incredibly weightless despite the heavy layering and fabric richness
Still quintessentially Etro (people should use quintessentially more. Such an posh unused word. Impale is also a sadly forgotten haute verb), preppy hippie chic, etc. The bags were drool worthy
The thing about these kind of creative combinations is that they provide hope to those of us who can't afford Balenciaga. I'm pretty sure similar less luxurious pieces can be found cheaply (my blue shirt costed me about $3.00) at the salvation army and second-hand stores, so during the next few days I'll be performing some field research in downtown Tegucigalpa to find some of these places and I'll share them here. May it turn out better than that time I tried to open a "People Preaching in Public Places" section on my tumblr amen.

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I loved this entry. please keep writing. can I be your editor? (your real life will be safe with me) besos, C

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