Friday, October 21, 2011


Pretty much everything and everyone happened in the last two months. Like, people died and stuff. You know; Apple dude, Lybia dude, racing cars dude, 82 year old football league owner dude.. oh and just about dozens of campesinos assassined amidst the land conflict at the Aguán Valley in Honduras. But hey let's not get all serious and gloom here because if you do want to get all serious and gloom then you should head to my new Spanish blog I mean lighten up right? By the way a little something called Fashion Season happened!! Aren't you excited!! Isn't that awesome!! Not when you completely missed it!! Though I've been trying to catch up because something really gruesome would happen if I don't. I might get exiled to Nepal and be forced to build barracks out of dried rhino feces or something. TL;DR? Here, have some rhinos.
start shitting my lovelies

So I have once again missed my chance to become a 2.0 diva suprima fashionista bloggelebrity. It's too late, common consensuses have arisen; Raf Simons is our one and only saviour, (Miucca has done it once again)², Marc Jacobs was SO Prada, Celine OMGGTFOHWTS, Ackermann/Dries/Pugh so edgy omg, etc. So let's skip it all shall we? I do recommend following Lindsay Lohan's path through this Fashion Season because I think this time she might've even outdone herself and killed someone. Let's hope not. Anyways I came back from a trip this week to find that most of my clothes were rotting. I've been away for a long time and nobody threw them into the washing machine because my family members believe their arm would fall or something. In the end I saved them by offering naughty children to the Krampus and adding extra detergent but it got me thinking about what I would've done with no clothes. I guess I'd find a signature look to wear every single day and possibly every single night since my pjs were also on the verge of decomposing. What would this uniform be? Here's a look at two iconic fashionable uniforms starting with the aforementioned

Steve Jobs
So fucking minimal America futurista chic right? I love that after he died suddenly everyone knew who he was and claimed to adore him since milk came in cartons, had little apples tattooed, creepy haircuts, etc. I'm therefore surprised when it came out that Steve bought his mock turtlenecks at St.Croix because well, he didn't?
He got them from Issey Miyake -about whom I posted before- and honestly it's kind of a downer people thought this kind of tailoring is sold at some big luxury apparel? Also he was close friends with Miyake. Tsk, tsk, how very disappointing of you tecchies out there.

Bill Cunningham
Basic utilitarian NY sweeper jacket + battered pants and shoes. I mean who cares what you're wearing when shooting Anna Piaggi or Shail Upadhya anyway. I saw Bill Cunningham: New York a while ago and holyshit my life is dull. How about spending your Friday night with Andy Warhol at Carniege Hall watching your ballet dancer friend perform the dying swan? Bill did.
Pockets, endurance, a nice color. Extra points for using a bike as your sole mean of transportation while being the father of street style photography and basically the most important person on Earth.

And then there's black from head-to-toe cray crays like Grace or Alïa. Is Marc Jacobs still doing that embarrassing kilt thing? I might be stretching a leg too far here but I really don't want to touch uncle Terry or Lagerfeld territory. Except maybe for Halloween.

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How i miss that one that I always look up too. Hope steve jobs rest in peace like the stars in the night and just watching the Apple company and how will it be in the future. n_n

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