Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gucci Fall 2010

Remember how I said I was amused by Vogue's editor-in-chief Anna Wintour making a dash as if her life depended on it at Jil Sander's show? I find it amusing because I'm psychic and read minds and I know what's going on on hers"Oh Grace it's been awful! I really did thought I could squeeze Milan Fashion Week into three days but time-space is not cooperating. And guess what? It turns out I DO need designers, as they need me! Shit.. what's next? Will fashion become a democracy and get a replacement for me?"

Yes. Anna speaks to Grace Coddington in Times New Roman. Anyway some people where not that amused, and those people were outside Gucci's show yesterday

This photo was taken by Bryanboy, (who lost his cellphone a few hours ago). Anywho since Honduran government has no logical priorities whatsoever they decided to fix some electric poles around my house during Gucci's live-streamed show, and so no electricity = no computer/internet = no Gucci, and also no food, heat, ironing or many other less important things. But fear not 'cause there's an art center near downtown where I can use the computers and I got just in time to watch Freja Beha opening the runway The entrance was amazing: Loungy synth music playing, lights faded very slowly to total darkness and after a few seconds bam! Freja stood suddenly illuminated in this beige dress and then it all started. By "all" I mean a lot of fur and asymmetry and waist-high pants. Yes. Waist-high. As in, It was all so comfortable. And earthy-colored. And "I'm the wife or a millionare who yells in Italian while I drink my martini by the pool" And absolutely A+ like Tavi would say.Specially since a certain supermodel walked not one (up in the beige dress), nor twoBut THREE times

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