Friday, February 26, 2010

Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2010

So I saw the Jil Sander show streamed live from Milán today at lunch (Honduras time) and thanks to some deity the wireless was cooperating. Unlike my new co-worker, who plays American football on his spare time and looks rather like a pre-stripped porn actor using glasses and office clothes. It just felt weird having him around. Anywho. The runway was X-shaped so those sitting at the interception (i.e. Suzy Menkes, Corine Rotfield, Joe Zee) barely bend their necks unlike Anna Wintour who practically jogged from her sit the minute Jil Sander's head designer Raf Simons let his torso and face show and waved goodbye. Don't take my word for it. Take twitter's.About the show, models seem to have a better chance at understanding "X" rather than the "" shaped Prada runway, and those frightened model faces I said I saw in my last post was actually model Rose Cordero's face.On the clothes, the flat black boots looked like fun, as in teenage girls holding umbrellas jumping in the mud after the rain.
Also the shoulder/skirt layers were interesting, and at some point the baggy minimalism and tight ponytails whispered to me "Yes I come from the 90's future". Indeed. Very pro of me. Vogue should hire me 'cause I can quote the past.
And to prove that those people sitting front row do not get there accidentally, here's a video by Joe Zee.

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