Friday, March 26, 2010

Karl Lagerfeld + Bruce LaBruce

So there's this graphic artist, David M. Buisán, that I stalk like very much. He's from Barcelona, looks waaaaay younger than he really is and was succesful in convincing me not to wear huge framed reading glasses to look nerdy-cool because that's the birth right of every person with reading difficulties. He's also my desktop wallpaper

Anyway. He's constantly collaborating with Guapo Magazine, H Magazine and gets a lot of attention online (see his portfolio here). Earlier this year I was doing my usual stalking liking very much of him and I found this:

A poster he made for the movie Otto; or, Up With Dead People, directed by Bruce LaBruce. Partly motivated by the fact that my friends call me "Otto", I watched it, and loved it, and please notice that I don't love things, but this movie is a whole new level of crazy. It's about zombies; young, gay, anarchist, politicaly-overtoned zombies. It tells the story of Otto, a schizophrenic boy zombie who wanders some city in Germany minding his own undead business until accidentaly he gets involved in a socialist movement by participating in an avant-garde filmmaker's project. LOVE.

In what at first might seem unrelated news, the Vice Magazine interview with designer Karl Lagerfeld has been around the pages I follow too much recently. In related news, there's also that name that's being repeated in the interview, the interviewer's

No less than Bruce LaBruce, as in Otto; or, Up With Dead People directed by Bruce LaBruce. Nothing like pairing a raw independent director with a fashion genious to get the interesting answers

Btw can't wait for his new movie to come, LA Zombie. The site here.

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