Sunday, March 28, 2010

CK White Label SS10 + Thom Browne

Today we won't be discussing the fact that I'm on autopilot mode because I only slept three hours last night this morning. Why, you ask? Chat-fucking-roulette. As in, as in Kate Moss's latest addiction, as in staying up until 5:00am hoping you will get lucky and bump into someone extremely cool, like Merton the piano improviser

...*sigh*. No we won't discuss that. Instead, the Spring/Summer 2010 Calvin Klein White Label shoes/pants:On the shoes, they're like stuck somewhere between mediterranean twenty-something guy and Vans and it works. About the whole look: My ideas about lenght of pants changed completely when I read the GQ December 2008 issue in which Thom Browne was named Designer of the Year. There was a 5-pages interview after which this no-socks anklepants look (and most of Thom Browne's life) just completely makes sense in your head. The pictures were nice tooLunch break at 1940's Chicago banking area you say? *Buzz* Wrong, fashion editorial shooting at 2008's New York. And though CK White Label's take on Browne's trademark thing is much more lighter (thinner fabrics, subtler colors) and so more digestible to the masses, it still encourages non-standarization. I personaly think it's awesome, and as soon as I get a can of Off! to repel mosquitoes and work on my ankle exercises I'll be anklepanting around myself.
Read Thom Browne's complete interview "Designer of The Year: The Incredible Suit-Shrinking Man" HERE.


Kitty said...

Wow, I just tried it the other day for the first time, so great and addictive!!

The Misunderstood said...

I got addicted to Chatroulette improv videos after i saw this one ...

Raúl Valdivia said...

It was great until pervs took over

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