Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Prints + Dries + Jeremy Scott

Whenever I thought of prints lately I couldn't help these images to pop into my head
Via Jak&Jil
At first it was just the close up by Tommy Ton, but then some deity was kind enough to place the full body image of model Hanne Gaby wearing Dries Van Noten in my virtual path. Nevertheless, the same deity might have been responsible for the misterious appearance of Jeremy Scott's friend Pablo Olea in my facebook, which has caused an exposure to images that made my recently Dries-Van-Noten-print-limited imagination explote
Pablo in Jeremy Scott for Adidas. In order to avoid (or perhaps, delay) Lady Gaga's world domination I will restrain myself to post any paparazzi photos. I will, however, post this
1. Santigold at Jeremy Scott's party. 2. Pablo Olea + friend + pet. 3. Jeremy Scott Spring 2010 RTW. 4. Jeremy Scott for Longchamp. 5. Nylon March 2010.
On #3, that Flinstones-inspired collection was fun, as in
That's Jeremy in the middle, and at the right is #3 again. Despite all the fun in this, I personally prefer his Fall 2010 collection. First, the eye make up was one of my favorites from all fall/winter 2010 shows
On the clothes, they were sophisticated and wearable. Still there was that Jeremy Scott 80's, intense, heavy and yet sporty vibe

That STYLE dress has made regular appearances in my tumblr. Anyway send a friend request to Pablo Olea in facebook by clicking HERE. Warning: Print overload might occur.


Taj said...

That Dries+J. Scott lady was so EPIC and so was that Pablo guy. Needless to say I friend requested him!!lol:D

Anonymous said...

Who is Pablo. That guy is totally hot but I would still kill him for his wardrobe

Chip said...

Pablo's a kool guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Raúl Valdivia said...

He works with more designers but Jeremy is his favorite. Greetings from Honduras to all :)

In-tree-gue said...

The dries picture is AMAZING

Eugenia said...

Pablo, ouch.

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