Friday, April 9, 2010

Themed: Bones

To start, I would like to continue this blog's tradition of "I stalk a certain graphic artist" and introduce Swedish fashion & typography illustrator Hanna Viktorsson, who is the best eye drawer I've seen so far

That's not her btw, and if you click on the link you'll find more models including Freja Beha. I'll post a picture of Hanna as soon as she accepts my friend request in Facebook. Continuing with my creepiness/stalkerish, Lisa Black from New Zealand has found the answer to "Taxidermy + Steampunk", and the result is creepier but way cooler than my Facebook dilemmas

Turtle, Monkey Skull and Fawn via her portfolio

Now with slightly more fashion-related stuff, Hungarian artist Laszlo LL Papp's installation at the Roberto Cavalli boutique in Milan, in which his wooden sculptures interact with Roberto Cavalli's S/S 2010 Collection

Images via Dazed digital

And to end, Abbey Lee Kershaw's editorial in Vogue Korea April 2010, "Lovely Bones"

Complete editorial HERE.

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Anonymous said...

i spent my entire art A level drawing anatomy and bones so I completely understand why you find them so beautiful.
It's haunting to realise that underneath our skin, and the skin we create for ourselves with clothes and personalities, we're all the same.


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