Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sorry for the hiatus. I won't go through the reasons that kept me from posting. For example, I won't go through the fact that I spend a week attending to four performances daily at the international theater festival "Bambú" in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Did I make friends with some actors and one thing let to another and now I think I'm pregnant? No. Because I'm a boy. Now I'm supposed to make this blazer for a Colombian actor's band debut. He's from a theater group called Matacandelas, they're in Cuba at the moment. Anyway if the fact that I haven't finished learning to draw, cut patterns or actually sew doesn't get in the way, I think I'll go with something like this.

Also, I wrote an essay for digital magazine &i& about clichés. It's in Spanish. Because I'm Honduran.

But if anyone who doesn't speak Spanish wants to know what it says, post a comment or something. It's kinda frustrating/lame to translate it without knowing if it'll be read or not. I have another article coming in the June issue, I'm excited about working with these people.

On other news, I need shoes. I know when people say they need shoes it mostly means they are bored of their 12+ pairs of shoes (specially women) but when I say I need shoes it means I actually do, I'm bored of my Vans, converse, Zara, and a couple of more bizarre things, including heelys. Yes heelys. So, since I'm stuck in some Chaplin-meets-The-Cure stage, it's either

The Oxfords are more according to my style now, which I've decided will continue to go back in time and grow richer in color despite the confussion this causes among my friends, people staring on the streets and beloved ones. My dream outfit right now would be something like this
Billabong fedora Hat, Band of Outsiders shirt, 1930's vintage pants, Slow and Steady Wins the Race sunglasses, Oxfords, suspenders

Anyway, hasta pronto!

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