Thursday, August 26, 2010

Outfit Overload

So basically this has been my style for about five months now.
Does it read anywhere that I'm obsessed about 30s - 50s movies? I began dressing like this (slightly baggy shirts, contrasting dual color blocks) weeks after I started spending every night watching the Turner Classic Movies channel. I even got yelled "Chaplin!" while I was walking downtown once, it was a man sitting in some stairs and I yelled back: "Yes, but in color!". Honduras is a weird country yeah. Anyways I like to mix old looks with heavy complements, like that army Bershka coat or the black leather Guess boots or the black Coach messenger bag. The reason why that blue Gap shirt is my favorite
Is because that's my favorite print ever. I enjoy wearing things that look average from a distance but then when you get closer you start noticing details, like discovering something somewhere. Yeah I'm not good with metaphors sorry. I tend to use themes, like 'psychedelic Chaplin', 'junkie lumberjack' or 'Chicago journalist from the 30s'. My second favorite shirt is this Kenneth Cole one (please ignore the oooh-check-that-smoking-hot-ass dancing move and the swallowing alcohol face)
Impossible to ignore, right? Well maybe with much effort one can notice how the stripes meet diagonally in the chest. Plus the fabric is really thin which makes it very comfortable. So, now that I've completely satisfied the need to embarrass myself by publishing this picture, I can say this is as far as this post is gonna go. Later!


fai said...

i love the strips shirts, thats very cute.

Raúl Valdivia said...

Thanks man! I love it to lol

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