Thursday, August 19, 2010


The Cultural Centre of Spain in Tegucigalpa had a Mexican artist giving us a workshop, in which he instructed us to do.. well, whatever we wanted. And I wanted Christopher Kane fall 2010.
I'm very surprised that this collection has barely made it to magazines. I just spent half an hour going through my files and google reader archives looking for that one black and white editorial where model Jacquelyn Jablonski is wearing one dress but I could only find this other appearance in Harper's Bazaar UK August 2010:
 Anyway I'm amazed by how well knitted flowers look on leather (or pvc) dresses. And to me it sort of stands out because almost everything in the fall 2010 collections was below-the-knee length with a certain 50's restraint. And even so it's unmistakeably fall.

Of course I was never going to find that editorial with Jacquelyn Jablonski wearing Christopher Kane fall 2010, because it was Constance for i-D Summer 2010. One of them needs to change her name to suit my lame memory ASAP.
Rest of the editorial here.

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