Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Q&A with Tavi Gevinson

So, Tavi Gevinson, the fashion blogger. It's practically impossible not to know who she is, unless a.You haven't spent enough time on the internet or b.You're extremely not interested in fashion. In any case, here's this helpful wikipedia link. So, I had the opportunity to ask the 14 year old fashion celebrity some of the few questions that thousands of followers have failed to ask, which she answered very cleverly and, um, excitedly, unlike her usual Lisa-Simpson-meets-Daria voice. Here's what she said.

Did you know you were featured in Garance Dore's Givenchy Couture video?
Yes! I really DO always forget to do that European fashn~kissy thing... and I feel really stupid when I do it with another American, like, WHO ARE WE KIDDING?

Where can I download "How To Succeed in Business w/out Really Trying?
I don't know how! I know a lot of the musical numbers are on Youtube?!
You always say you LOVE Miu Miu and Rodarte and Commes but.. are there any things you HATE?
I hate a lot of things, unfortunately! In terms of designers, I hate Balmain. I really do. And Jil Stuart, it's all knockoffs. Not a fan of Hannah MacGibbons but she's improving. Cavalli is kind of gross.
By the way, what do you think about Christopher Kane's Fall 2010 flower-on-leather thing?
I am still working out how I feel about Kane but based on gut feeling I liked the flower-on-leather.
What do you think about Lady Gaga being treated as a fashion icon?  Do you like her/take her seriously?
I have been on the fence about her for SO LONG... but I'm just going to say I like her and then I don't feel weirdly stressed about it. I don't take her seriously and refuse to call her an "artist"... I think it's cool she wears crazy shit, and I LOVE her stylist, and her performances are really extreme and theatrical in a way that I suppose is rather unique... but when she says she "aspires" to "free people of their monsters and bring the freak in everyone" I think it's total BS.

But about her being a FASHION ICON, I really don't think so. I don't think you can be an icon if you have a stylist. And I really don't buy the whole "I imagine what I'm going to be wearing for a song as I'm writing it" stuff. But whatever, most of the time I get a kick out of her and Bad Romance is TOTALLY A+.

One more question. What are the things you love the most?
I love people the most, especially people that are willing to put out something that's been bothering them and then other people see it and go "Thank God I'm not the only one!" This means writers and artists of all kinds.

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