Saturday, September 4, 2010

Queens of Spring 1997

Since New York fashion week is coming, the exposure to bland, dead-white skinny girls who'll walk the runway is inevitable. The guys at Proenza Schouler said they wanted "girls with some life experience; maybe they’ve had a boyfriend or traveled a bit" and it sounds cute and all but come on, it's not exactly like they're going to say "we want an army of identical zombie skeletons walking down the runway". And judging by this "Ten Models to Watch this Fashion Week" slideshow my guesses are zombie army all the way.

So I decided to indulge in some model nostalgia using this collages I made from a Spring 1997 catalog my aunt gave me, beginning with model crush Guinevere van Seenus
This may sound stupid but, didn't models look healthier in the 90's? I mean I love Guinevere now, skinnier, tougher, older and more experienced plus I'm so into the whole bleached eyebrows trend, but there's certainly a different standard for models now and Guinevere is much more successful looking like she does in this Vogue Italia April 2010 shot by Paolo Roversi.

Next up is old school goddess Amber Valletta. If there was a device that could measure the distance this woman walked in the runways back in the day, it'd show it's the equivalent to going across the Sahara dessert or something.
She's an institution in herself. Her editorial work is so important it serves as landmarks and references everywhere. Exhibit A: Vogue US August 2008 vs. Vogue Latinamerica July 2010

Finally otherworldly androgynous queen Stella Tenant.
Hands down my favorite to be seen with a dress. She's stunningly fresh, and has breathtakingly cool and professional way of making clothes flow.

There are more collages, with Kate and Naomi and Helena, but this is too long already. Ciao!

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