Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NY Fashion Week: Sunday

On Sunday I woke up really late and then had to travel back to Tegucigalpa after staying a few days at my aunt's house in a small town 2 hours away, so by the time I got here the VMAs were just starting. I think I tuned in exactly when Coco Rocha met Snooki.
Actually that's not true but I needed an excuse to post this picture. Anyway. Tommy Hilfiger's show was on Sunday. I'm not his number 1 fan but this show was flawless, the runway, the model cast, the background sky with sunset at the end, and above all, the soundtrack. It's what I'm planning to listen whenever I need a good possitive vibe.
♫♪ When the bee stings, when the dog bites.. I'll simply go to youtube.com and watch Tommy Hilfiger SS11 and then I won't feel like shit..♪♫.. that's what Julie Andrews said right? I'm pretty sure it was something similar. And so after Tommy, it was Tom's. Tom Ford. More exactly, Tom Ford's comeback to women's wear after 6 years, a super exclusive show in which attendees signed an agreement saying they wouldn't publish any pictures. But that didn't stop these ones from leaking
The cast for the runway. Yes. Celebrities. Beyoncé looks thrilled to be there. The show's official -and only- photographer was Terry Richardson, and his snaps are on exclusive for an all Tom Ford edited issue of Vogue Paris. DAMN.

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