Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NY Fashion Week: Day 5, Monday

It feels a bit weird to write about Monday's shows today.. so much happening so fast can make two days feel like a lot. This is a scheduled post, so by the time it gets up I'll be in the streets with my dearest Canadian anarchist friend L., and then staying over at a friend's and maybe, just maybe I'll be able to watch the Proenza Schouler livestream there.

Anyways I don't really know/care about Carolina Herrera (draped grandeur isn't my thing) but I can't help indulging myself with this model drama moment
What? It's just Catherine McNeal. No wait.. that's Freja Beha back there. Freja with a longing expression. Maybe she's missing the good old McBeha snugging.

On an entirely more relevant matter, Zero + Maria Cornejo. I love it. ALL OF IT. Color-blocking dresses, the silky and organic fabrics, the loose pants and those half-nude sandals. I'm super fond of architectural vibes, clean cuts, assymetric lines, everything that is bold and determined. And it's all here. I'm so ripping these looks off, I swear.
Also I watched the Marc Jacobs livestreamed show, in which I compulsively took snapshots of everyone including the Vogue gang.
I'm still digesting the clothes, so far I think it was a bit to couture-ish? but I'm hoping the collection will grow on me with time. The shoes are fetish-worthy. I'll get to it later. Anyways.. some more ex-sexual-diverse-couple moment at the show, courtesy of Elle's Style Editor

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