Sunday, October 31, 2010


Since I couldn’t fulfill my Penanggalan Halloween costume plans due to lack of Malasian witch’s flying head with dangling stomach and intestines, I’ll be vicariously living this day through the haunting vibes of another darkness worshipper who’s become the scope of my obsession

Chloë Memisevic
Source: Chloë's facebook page, Wilhelmina Models card, Chloë TFS thread
By looking at these pictures, I think she just ate my soul. Although I may not like some other ~strange~ beauties, working a specific aesthetic is a model’s best chance to stand out and not ending up as a token or runway filler. And Chloë is doing exactly that. She looks like the most beautiful witch and she knows it. You can tell by the shows she walked this last summer/spring season
Since I'm a stalker guru level ∞ (infinite) I’ve got the chance to chat with her about  the shows this season, what’s she doing at the moment, upcoming projects, and popcorn’s influence in one’s darkness. 

Me: Don't worry if I sound like a stalker, I'm from Honduras - far away in Central America
Chloë: I am honored! Thank you Raul!

I fell in love with your modeling after I saw the video at the MTC casting office in NY City.
Oh! I hate that one. So unflattering.

So how are you? How's work?
I am very good thanks. I am at home, been here a few days, now leaving for I don't know how long. London tomorrow and Paris then.

What's happening there? Jobs in London and then Paris for work! Editorial and look book.

The video where you said a day without popcorn is a bad day was so funny hahahhaha So random. I was joking around in the whole video. I don't know if people got it. I found it funny though I was supertired had like 20 castings every day and I just did all these random things in the video.

Did u finally go to the Proenza Schouler after party? I did! I went with my friend. It was fun, in a nice venue.

So what is the lookbook you're doing? It's hilarious. Thomas Tait! Looove his clothes. It's really my style. So I'm glad to be doing it. ofc it's info for you only. *This was two weeks ago. That info is public now.

So I guess u like pop corn I love popcorn. I eat it all the time haha obsessively.

I wish I was dark like you, maybe I should start eating pop corn Popcorn does it. I'm telling ya.

Your appearance at Meadham and Kirchoff was like.. planets aligning, A+, etc Meadham was fuun. A few that work there are good friends of my boyfriend
so we had fun and I was running late from another show...really me and Hildie were in the car together on our way there and got our hair and make up done in 5 minutes. The runway was aaamazing. Another friend of mine was doing backstage coverege for dazed, it was a lot of fun.

You're very tall right? Like, really tall even for a model. Yeah haha 1.84cms.

Bless your dark genes. I'm gonna get some sleep now I think.

Have a good night, tons of love. xxxxxxxx


son said...

im metaphorically bowing to you right now! how the hell do you get people to talk to you? love it :)!!

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