Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jaime Eats World

Something good about the internet taking over my life -if there can be such a thing- is the people I've met. I’m not saying that the magician-type player that helped me increasing levels in a massive online game is my friend (I’m sorry kempachimaru you’re 13 years old), I mean real talented grown-up people I talk very frequently with including Tijuana-based designer Jaime Muro
spread in Caviar Izquierda magazine
My fondness of Jaime, aside from whatever our personal relationship might be, is due to several reasons. First, he creates garments by himself: he sketches, drapes, cuts patterns, sews, etc. None of this is easy, only the math in pattern-cutting books is beyond me. Although not a requirement for success –Gabrielle Chanel herself couldn’t sew, Tom Ford doesn't even sketch properly- this is technically challenging and the resulting craftsmanship is further loyal to the creator’s psyche.

However it is rather difficult to tell one fabric from another through the skype webcam so it wasn’t until fashion show TJ Trend last Saturday in Tijuana, México that I could really appreciate his most recent collection.
source: elaztika.com and this facebook page
Radical cuts, ethereal aesthetic, clean fabrics, rather not too body-conscious. By personal taste I tend to prefer this style over the glamorous sumptuous hour-glass one. Oh and the shirt on the left?  So obviously mine, with the holy help from the courier gods. If not just imagine me chasing it down to the soundtrack of Blondie’s “One Way of Another”... and speaking of soundtrack, here's an accurate musical interpretation of Jaime's pieces

I like it, in the way I like similar stuff like Gareth Pugh or Comme des Garçons. It’s a strong determined concept without the restriction of stereotypical beauty standards, those made for gray little people. I often get reminded of Jaime’s determination, whenever I see how fast he assembles a bustier on a mannequin or how easily discards a blouse he’s not totally convinced with. There’s only a way for someone who knows himself that well, and it's up.

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