Friday, July 22, 2011

Issey Miyake SS12

Like dog years, fashion time differs from real life time in many ways. You can say for example, "Freja and Arizona? They've been dating for a couple of weeks!" but in lesbian fashion time they already took a gondola down the Arch of Love in Venice and locked lips as a signal of eternal love. Someone even made a tumblr about it. Take my case: a normal un-fashion person would say it's been a month since I lost track of mags and seasons, but in fashion time I was actually in cryogenic status. Maybe I missed Ymregeddon, or the second coming of Werbowy, only Moloch knows.

Menswear Spring 2012 happened a month [read: eons] ago and I admit it lifts me up to see that not even has reviewed some of it, like Issey Miyake for example. The show was choreographed so that all models went up front, chatting, moving around, and then one by one started walking down the runway. I dig Juan Manuel Arancibia's laid back attitude, some of the others looked a bit stiffed.

I loved the palette (that's French right?) and how the 31 looks collection transited from strong fully printed pieces to a more playful vibe to a sporty vibe to a vibrant vibe (so many vibes omg). The thing is I want them all.

Even Lachowski looks neat and interesting and not Brazilian soft porn twink the way he usually does. There was an interesting point in which unknown model on left below and another unknown model walked with these small squares of black fabric on their hands and then they stood and unfolded them and these coats appeared. I dig it but I wonder how much of that is really up to the fabric and how much depends on Issey's miraculous ironing techniques. I made a gif which is very lame but at least you can see what I'm talking about.

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