Thursday, June 10, 2010

Now Reading (Somewhat about fashion)

So I'll just leave aside my concerns about looking like some clumsy loser who discovers things years, decades, even ages after everyone else, and tell you all a bit of what I've been reading in the last two weeks. I got this friend who is about the coolest person you could met, and I fortunately did after living in the same neighborhood for about six years. This doesn't mean I encourage socialization, or any other form of human contact, WHICH I DON'T, because well, most people are crazy. Not crazy in a good, funny, unexpected way, I mean it in creepy life/sanity endangering forms such as taxi drivers who either race at mass-augmenting speed or listen to stereo systems set at legal-limit breaching decibels while you're in the cab. What was I saying? Oh, yeah, I never ever would encourage anyone to even leave their house, or even their bedroom, but if you're obligued to head outside and are extremely lucky, you might end up having a friend who's crazy in the way you are and lends you the books you always wanted to read. So thanks, P. Anyway, the first was"Gentleman Prefer Blondes" by Anita Loos, the fictional diary of an American goldigger in 1919 who, among many other things, gets depressed when the diamonds she's given are too small, makes plans to read books which she actually never does and when in a cruise, makes it a point to find out who is the wealthiest man on board. As part of her adventures, she travels to Europe, where she meets "Dr.Froyd" and when in England she points out with great concern that English people use "pounds of money".
"The Collection" by Gioia Diliberto is a half fiction novel about a seamstress working directly with Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel in the post-war Paris of 1919. What's interesting about it it's factual part, how the Chanel couturier worked and the fashion scene at that time, the work of Jean Patou, Poiret, Van Worth's descendants and Lanvin. I personally thought it was a bit too.. romantic? But that's only me and if you enjoy good old wipping and the struggle of an emotionaly-ill mid-twenties woman, you're in for some fun.
Brought to you by the woman who wrote "Confessions of a Shopaholic", "Can You Keep a Secret?" is the funniest pink novel I've read so far. I mean the main character is hilarious, a mix of naive and determined, the sort of thing you get from watching Bridget Jones but way better because it's written and you have the sort of insight people barks so passionately about when comparing Harry Potter books and movies. I truly don't want to ruin the plot for you so I'll just leave it at that and apologize for being so absent lately, but I've been working on some stuff I'm sure you'll all enjoy in a few days.

Also!! the Resort collections keep on coming and I have to catch up on that... I always procastinate but it's only fault of Hussein Chalayan for not having a Resort collection, believe me I'd be posting right away.

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