Friday, June 4, 2010

Resort Collections So Far

I'm not really sure about Resort collections. Not like anybody cares anyway, as I'm sure Karl and Galliano don't spend late nights at their workshops thinking, "would that 21 year old boy from Honduras approve this?.. would he!?" but I think Resort's a bit vague and ambiguous. You're a designer, you work for six months to get your Fall/Winter collection out in February, and from the next day you start working for six months to get your Spring/Summer collection in September.. and that pre-fall thing they've invented? You have to be super creative, but mostly you have to be part of LVMH, Prada Group, the Gucci Group, etc to get $uper $upport. Besides I could only think of two types of women who would use most of these clothes:
1. Wives of rich, middle-eastern/Italian business men who yell at the phone while they're taking the sun in a yatch at St.Tropez; and
2. Blonde, tacky, disoriented and easily amazed tourist women who actually go on a cruise on vacation.

However.. it's painful enough to realize you're slowly getting tired of so so much Miu Miu SS10 in editorials, and the next Summer/Spring collection is still three months away, so let's indulge in some Resort 2010-2011 review starting with

Jil Sander
This one I like. It's very in tune with the fall 2010, but with much more color (fall was mostly black) and a certain Balenciaga-ish architecture, only much more minimalistic.

I'm not that familiar with Missoni except for spreads in the several "Hello!" magazines my mom keeps. Since women who read "Hello!" are usually rich, I-know-the-line-to-the-English-throne type of women (except for my mother) I have a certain prejudice about it. However, if my mom would go on vacation, this is what I would like her to wear, a somewhat ethnic, colorful and falling-in-the-right-places line.

Elie Tahari
What's with the Balmain theme here? Tacky. Also.. it made me giggle to think.. whose idea was it to show the collection in an audience-less runway with the same model walking in all 26 different outfits? Poor girl..

Alexander Wang
I always get the feeling that everyone loves whatever A.Wang does. Specially shoes, as in open-toe-laced zipped-Freja-heels and I admit the fall 2010 collection was great. But what is this? Maybe in his mind everyone will have a 90's themed vacation? Was he inspired by Julia Robert's golden Notting Hill era? Seriously, this is what any common American would wear to walmart, and those flat sandals look heavy, dumb, and.. smelly? The person who wears this has clearly left all sense of style and surrender to comfortable clothing.

Burberry Prorsum
I like the blue coat. Other than that it's.. nice I guess, not really my style. Very conventional, like what all the non-front row attendees would be wearing a a fashion show.

Christian Dior
I'm reluctant to give my opinion on pastels.. or industrial amounts of lace.. but hey it's me and if somebody likes Barbie meets tranny it's ok, I'm no hater. So I'll talk about something else, like how this show included live violins and Bjork soundtrack, or...

Ok this is too long for a single post so I'll leave the rest for later, including Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Yves St. Laurent and anything else showing these days (hopefully Prada).


a.toledo. said...

A. CHANEL?! DONDE ESTA CHANEL?! O es que tenes algo en contra de Chanel?
A.1. Las colecciones de Prefall y Resort siempre son bien diferentes, pero eso no es normalmente malo, toma por ejemplo Chanel (donde esta Chanel?) las Prefall siempre son un orgasmo lleno de joyas y decadencia que no se ve normalmente en los runways de SS o FW, por ejemplo ... See MoreParis-Moscow (nunca verias esas coronas en un mas sonado y atendido FW) o Paris-Shangai (Shangai esta tan in ahorita) que personalmente me parecio una de las mejores colecciones que Lagerfeld ha hecho en los últimos dos años.
B. De hecho las colecciones Resort y Prefall son super importantes, tan importantes que la primera colección que Phoebe Philo hizo para Celine fue Resort o Prefall, no me acuerdo, y fue un orgasmo, solamente que no tienen tanta prensa.
B.1. Por eso es que nadie sabe que los lentes que Carrie usa que tienen como un bastoncito (no, no conozco el termino tecnico) son de hecho de Chanel, adivina? de una colección Resort (la del año pasado).
B.2. No tienen tanta prensa porque te imaginas tener que cubrir 8 shows al año?
B.3. Como no tienen un calendario tan castrante siempre son en lugares exóticos y bellos, (Tengo que chequear pero creo que el show de Fendi que fue en la gran muralla es un pre/res)
C. De hecho saltan a comenzar a pensar en Couture, que esta a dos meses de Resort.
C.2. Pero las colecciones Resort y Prefall siempre te dejan ver lo que va a venir en SS y FW.
D. Dior fue la mejor en mi opinión, despues claro de Chanel.
E. Escribi demasido, (y chanel?)

Raúl Valdivia said...

dije que LUEGO con Chanel, tranquilo.. y no AMO las colecciones resort (a diferencia de vós, evidentemente) porque me parece demasiado opulento, algo frustrante para diseñadores independientes que son buenos (Chalayan, Dries) y sí los shows son buenísimos pero alguna es demasiado ropa de turista, excepto Dior que honestamente me pareció un tranny fest, menos el pelo que era una mezcla de Snooki y Amy Winehouse.. pero sí, me gustó Chanel, YSL y Bottega y Celine es CELINE pero luego luego.. y sí entiendo que son colecciones de transición indicadoras de SS y FW, por eso estoy esperando Prada resort con ansia.. en fin. btw SJP? no me parece demasiado fashionable ahora que lo intenta demasiado, y sus manos son.. raras

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