Wednesday, June 16, 2010


First of all, please don't freak out.

Lily Cole's head, Miu Miu SS10 cat collar pin + shirt, Hussein Chalayan Fall 2000 table dress,
Miu Miu SS10 cat platforms

I know I know, this might be the scariest puzzle ever since that Halle Berry collage in "Perfect Stranger". Maybe I'll work into making Lily Cole's head repeat my name and saying she loves me. That frightening, devious image you see here is the subject of inspiration at my illustration workshop at the Center of Culture of Spain in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. To put it more clearly, this:
The skull purse was mine. And believe me it is HARD to make a dress that transforms into a table, so I just had to let go of the idea of Lily having tea over and having the solution as to where to put the teacups and settled for something rather ambiguous. The shirt wasn't exactly identical either.
Anyway we were supposed to draw first, and then make it all come to life with the aid of glue, colored paper, beads and play-dough. I'm the only one who went for a fashion-related theme, others made robots and book characters and things so cool and creative that made me feel like an Anita Loos character. Also we had to make a speech about how our character's personality. So despite the fact that Lily Cole deleted me from Facebook a few days ago (she probably sensed this coming) I assumed I knew her and added a couple of things, like the fact that she's a feminist and a political activist. Anyway the photos are all taken by Ana Granera, who also is the one teaching everything at the workshop, about whom I'll be making a post soon since she's a graphic illustrator I can stalk. I mean learn from.

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